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Close to the ethnographic center of Sweden, 200km west of Stockholm, lies our property. On a hill south of the tranquil town of Örebro, in a recreation area with a nature reserve.


The location of our property in a small forest in the immediate vicinity of the city and shopping facilities offers a variety of opportunities for activities and excursions in the surrounding area.

The picture shows the view to the north on the city of Örebro. Our house is located at the bottom edge of the picture. The golf course is visible in the middle and the lake Hjälmaren on the upper right of the picture. It is part of a waterway which extends through Stockholm into the Baltic sea.


The city of Örebro can be reached by bike in 15 minutes. The medieval castle on an island in the Svartå river is one of the highlights of the very well preserved city center.
Link to sights in Örebro

The history of our house

It started in the 1920s of the last century when two factory workers built a two-room house for themselves and their families in the Sörby Forest south of Örebro.

The history of our house

Over time, it grew larger and acquired a covered entrance area with a glass porch. In the late 1930s, it was a continuously inhabited two-story villa.

The history of our house

A chicken farm was established, and the family had a large vegetable garden. A root cellar was important for storage.

The history of our house

At the beginning of this century, the house stood empty for a few years.

The history of our house

Until one beautiful spring day in the year 2006, suddenly feverish activity awakened the house from its dormant state. It was expanded...

The history of our house

...and rebuilt. The result was a modern, comfortable and spacious apartment on the upper floor, which is now available to guests.

The history of our house

Over time, an entrance hall with underfloor heating, an attractive veranda with granite tiles around the house, and a sunroof on the south side of the house were added.

Seasons - Spring

Spring is a very short transition between winter and summer. Due to the rapid increase in daylight, a lot happens in a short time once the warmth arrives.

Seasons - Summer

Some years, summer can be hot and dry, but also cool and rainy. It always brings light and long days. Every year, it is always a great joy to see the garden thrive so splendidly.

Seasons- Autumn

Autumn brings its colorful hues. In some years, early snowfall might occur, where the colors of the leaves shine through the snow.

The picture shows the view to the west across the golf course. Our place lies in the forrest on the left edge of the picture.

Seasons - Winter

In winter, a calming blanket of snow often covers the landscape. The sun sits low in the south and only occasionally shines through gaps in the forest.